Jamie Main – Baillie from KulumaTv.com caught up with Ard Matthews at his coffee shop to
find out what he has been up to. Check out how Ard & his crew record in his coffee shop.
A fun place to hang out!! You got to pop in & see for your self.


With a passion for travel, high adrenaline sport & being part of the action.

Some friends & I developed KulumaTv, an online video magazine to bring our Adventures to the internet world. Kuluma means to talk in the Zulu language & living in the kingdom of the Zulu the name was apt.

We needed to fund our adventures so we started making commercials of the lodges, Resorts & places we visited. In the beginning, we mostly traded off for food & accommodation. We still barter with some of our clients to this day some 10 years down the line.

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