Timberland extreme considered the toughest one day Extreme Enduro on the racing calendar in South Africa and arguably one of the toughest in the world.

Timberland now in its 4th year was a collaboration between partners Klint Mills, Micky Hayter and Peter Woodburn creating a track that was safe, tight, technical and fun. It also featured a funduro for the first time, allowing the weekend worriers to sharpen their skills.


With a passion for travel, high adrenaline sport & being part of the action.

Some friends & I developed KulumaTv, an online video magazine to bring our Adventures to the internet world. Kuluma means to talk in the Zulu language & living in the kingdom of the Zulu the name was apt.

We needed to fund our adventures so we started making commercials of the lodges, Resorts & places we visited. In the beginning, we mostly traded off for food & accommodation. We still barter with some of our clients to this day some 10 years down the line.

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