The KulumaTv crew followed KZN Road Racing to their exhibit at the 2019 Cras In The Park event, held in Ashburton KZN.

We chat with Keith the chairman form vintage sports cars, the organizer of this magnificent event.

Trevor Warmback reveals how easy and inexpensively you can get race ready in the power sport class for those wanting to get into racing.

Former KZNRR champion Kevin Malens , tells us what he’s doing in his spare time, once a petrol head always a petrol head.

Oliver Broom a retro car racer also builds and restores old classics, we chat to him about his exhibit, a pair of VW vintage Kombies.. He also mentions he has a car museum on the KZN south coast. Join our channel and follow our new show collector’s or hoarders.

Harry Hanes from Vrehit Vintage car collectors shares his story of how he built this Ford Model T. And the real costs behind this car classic.

Izzey from Megasist tells us about his operation and how he too builds custom classics.

What a friendly bunch we met at cars in the park 2019, with so many interesting exhibits.

Meridith Wills a top contender in Retro car racing who featuring in our TV show on Ignition tells us how they had to change an engine between practice & race start at the last meat. Meridith’s red pocket rocket was on the show, where it attracted a lot of attention giving Meridith the opportunity to encourage people the race track.


With a passion for travel, high adrenaline sport & being part of the action.

Some friends & I developed KulumaTv, an online video magazine to bring our Adventures to the internet world. Kuluma means to talk in the Zulu language & living in the kingdom of the Zulu the name was apt.

We needed to fund our adventures so we started making commercials of the lodges, Resorts & places we visited. In the beginning, we mostly traded off for food & accommodation. We still barter with some of our clients to this day some 10 years down the line.

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